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Participantes XVII Ciclo de Conciertos 2012

Magnus Andersson – Arturo Tallini

No time (at all)





Magnus Andersson y Arturo Talliniweden Andersson has long been active in the contemporary music field, and has played a significant role in the creation of the modern guitar repertoire. He studied at the Trinity College of Music, London, and at the Viotti Music Academy in Vercelli, Italy. In 1984 Magnus Andersson founded the guitar class at the Int under member of the innovative chamber music group Ensemble SON and artistic director of the 2006 and 2008 Stockholm New Music Festival.

Magnus Andersson received the Swedish Gramophone Prize in 1985 and 1986 and was nominated for a Swedish Grammy in 1992. He was awarded the Composers Union Interpreter Prize in 1983 and the Kranischsteiner Prize in Darmstadt in 1984.




taly Tallini started his 30-years career as the winner of some prestigious international competitions, among which the First Prize of Alessandria Guitar Competition “Michele Pittaluga” (1987) and Third Prize of Radio France Guitar Competition (1989); after the diploma in L'Aquila, he has also studied at the Ecole Normale de Musique (Paris, France) where he obtained the License Superieur de Concertiste with Alberto Ponce. As one of the most renowned interpreters of both classical and contemporary guitar music, Tallini has been touring extensively in Italy, Europe, Africa and USA, where he could premiere several compositions expressly dedicated to him. Some of those compositions (D. Nicolau, M. Dall’Ongaro, G.V. Cresta) have also been released in the cd “Blu” (Tempi Moderni, 2005), together with works of Petrassi, Britten, and the first integral performance of “Ko-Tha” by Giacinto Scelsi.

Arturo Tallini is Guitar Professor at the Conservatorio di Musica Santa Cecilia in Rome, Italy, and Artistic Director of the International Guitar Festival Città di Monterotondo (Rome).


Joining themselves, two guitarists made a project that explores all the contemporary guitar duo possibilities: the impressive music by Lachenmann and Ferneyhough, to the opened structures by Maderna and Pisati, and the dry music of Donatoni. ernational Summer Courses for New Music in Darmstadt (Internationale Ferienkurse für Neue Musik), where he taught until 1996. He is guest teacher at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, as well as a fo The debut concert was at Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Rome, on June 2010, and here began a trip between rigorous and visionary. Close to Chahack by Maurizio Pisati (a piece written to Arturo Tallini in 2009, here in an impressive version for guitar an barock guitar) and to the famed Serenata per un satellite (1969) by Bruno Maderna, the duo proposes two pieces in a more classical structure: Salut für Caudwell (1977) by the german composer Helmut Lachenmann – one of the most important composers of the concrete music - and No time (at all) (2004) by English composer Brian Ferneyhough,.

The Duo has successively enlarged his proposals, with another kind of programme, inpired to the importance of the gesture and of theatre. So, in the programme n. 2, we can see and listen Ultima Rara by Silvano Bussottti, in which Magnus Andersson play an impressive one-guitar version of the three guitars score and Arturo Tallini proposes himself like a reciting voice. Then 2 Ukulele pieces: one by Fabian Svensson, in which a sort of melodic minimalism, inspires the piece, and that by Martin Q Larson, in which the musicians seem to ironize about the contemporary interpreter. More, one of the masterpieces of contemporary guitar duo repertoire: Algo II by Franco Donatoni, at the top of duo virtuosity. And finally, another piece very ‘strong’ in which the musical gesture is very undisguised: Duo Canonico by Carlos Sanchez-Gutierrez; here the colour of the music is close to Stravinsky music.

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